What is an international commercial dispute?

It often happens that, in the course of doing business, one company makes commercial claims to another company. The fact that such claims have been already made shows the occurrence of a commercial dispute. However, if a dispute over certain financial issues arises between companies, operating in different countries, this dispute bec…Read more

Let us take a look at a typical example. A Ukrainian company purchases steel from China. Upon the delivery, it appears that the quality of steel is low. However, the payment for the delivered goods has been already made to the bank account of the Chinese counterparty.

All efforts to resolve the dispute amicably have not brought any positive result: the Chinese seller simply ignores all claims a…Read more

How relevant is the problem of money recovery from abroad back to Ukraine?

We have to admit that the problem is very urgent. Here is a typical example. Ukrainian company purchases steel in China. The first delivery is made and it turns out that the quality of steel is quite bad. But the payment has already been made.

The Chinese exporter ignores the claims and pretends that …Read more