Maksym Tkhorivskyi

Maksym Tkhorivskyi is named among the best lawyers in the practice of Criminal Law and Procedure according to results of the Ukrainian Legal Ranking made by «Legal Newspaper» that were published in Kyiv Post Legal Quarterly in 2015.

He is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer, practicing in the area of criminal law and procedure, with a strong focus on international commercial debt collection.

Nowadays he holds position of an associate at Ukrainian office of TCM Group International Ltd., which is a unique alliance of 35 law offices and 110 agencies that practice international commercial dispute resolution in 145 countries.

Mr Tkhorivskyi has 5 years of experience, obtained in Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, including the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, where he was promoted to the position of a senior prosecutor. His areas of expertise included investigation of tax crimes, white-collar crimes, and economic crimes.

His insider’s knowledge of the system of law enforcement bodies allows Mr Tkhorivskyi to control criminal investigation procedures and develop the most effective techniques and strategies in the sphere of international debt recovery.

Practices: international investigation of white-collar crimes, international commercial debt collection, alternative dispute resolution, and trans-border litigation.

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