Arthur Tretiakov

Arthur Tretiakov is an experienced transnational lawyer and a partner of Ukrainian office of TCM Group International.

He started his career as a lawyer in Department of mediation and restructuring of an international law firm. In a short time he achieved a high level of professionalism, and became an advisor to American lawyers in the most complicated multi-million domestic and international litigations.

He successfully represented rights and interests of such famous companies as SINOSURE, EKN, K-SURE, MEHIB, Franklin & Franklin and of a number of other transnational corporations.

He obtained two international LL.M. degrees: the first one was received in “International Commercial Law” in the UK, and the second one – in the United States in “Transnational Business Practice”.

He successfully practices in such spheres of law, as international commercial debt collection, restructuring and mediation, international litigation and arbitration processes, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, bankruptcy.

Arthur Tretiakov: Publication

In order to collect a debt from a foreign counterparty, a company-creditor usually submits a claim to a court. In general, litigation in state courts tends to be both expensive and time-consuming. However, when the commercial dispute between companies is of international nature, costs of litigation increase significantly.

In the USA, starting from the middle of the twentieth century, commercial…Read more

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