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Comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceeding – from debt collection and preparation of
documents to sale of property and repayment of creditor claims.

We review the organizational changes of the debtor company via YouControl and


Support of bankruptcy proceeding

We return the amount of debt.

We use all possible instruments under law to repay debts swiftly.
We initiate criminal proceedings in case of refusal to execute a court decision.
We advise at each stage of the process for recognizing debtor as a bankrupt.

We participate in meetings of creditors to receive the amount of debt.

Due to cooperation with the committee, we proceed to restructuring or liquidation procedure as necessary. We select the candidate and initiate the removal of insolvency officer.

We interact with the insolvency officer.

We monitor the insolvency officer activities: in case of abuse of rights or non-fulfillment of duties we will remove him through legal proceedings, and will appeal the unlawful acts to judicial bodies.
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