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We will resolve a dispute with a foreign contracting party, which violated the terms and
conditions of the contract, transferred a defective product or failed to pay for services,
regardless of location.

We will choose the appropriate mechanism to resolve your conflict with maximum efficiency to achieve a result. We will develop a strategy that will reduce material and time costs. We will find a mutually beneficial solution for both parties, so that you maintain a relationship with a business partner.


Representing the interests of creditors in negotiation

We work out a detailed strategy for protecting your interests.

We are preparing for negotiations taking into account the situation and external factors. We provide a due diligence and previous experience analysis of the debtor.
Thus, we establish goals, choose tactics and develop a step-by-step strategy.

We develop a contract that will prevent problems in the future.

In the final contract, we set forth the mutual rights and obligations, responsibility and method of resolving issues to prevent any problem situations in the future.
Out-of-court settlement of disputes.

Out-of-court settlement of disputes

Reduce the time and material costs.

We help to resolve the dispute without legal proceedings — from developing strategy and preparation of documents to selection of a suitable alternative and preparation of an amicable agreement. Thus, you will be able to avoid court fees, hourly fees and time-consuming.

Debt collection

We help to return money within a short period of time.

We are preparing a restructuring and credit check plan for the debtor's company.

We negotiate with TOP managers of the company and control payments. Mediation in commercial disputes.

We maintain your relationship with business partners

We help achieving a mutually beneficial solution through mediation — from documents analysis and determining legal consequences to setting goals and drawing up a mediation agreement.
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