Dmytro Govorun

Mr Dmytro Govorun is an internationally acknowledged expert in corporate governance, global management, finance and banking.

Currently, he manages the work of the Partner of Ukrainian office of TCM Group International Ltd., which is a unique alliance of 35 law offices and 110 agencies, who practise international commercial dispute resolution in 145 countries.

Since 2011 and up to 2015 he has held position of a lecturer of the Chair of International Economics at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. He also assists an Editor-In-Chief of a well-known Ukrainian Publishing House with the expertise in corporate governance.

Mr Dmytro Govorun obtained his PhD degree in finance (corporate governance in banking). Caring about improving his professional skills he attended the courses on finance and corporate governance lectured by experts from Germany, Italy, USA and UK.

He is also a member of International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance – a network of experts in the field of finance, law, banking and corporate governance. He also took part in public discussions of the regulatory initiatives provided by EU institutions and international organizations. He successfully handled a number of international scientific projects in Ukraine, Germany and Italy on behalf of the Center.

Mr Dmytro Govorun is an author of scientific publications in finance and corporate governance.

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