Execution of decisions

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We will help to execute decisions of a court or arbitration — from assets and property study of the contracting party with a view to further withdrawal until replacement of the state enforcement officer and seizure of income. We consult on the national legislation of India, China, Great Britain and other countries. We will prepare the execution documents for local representation. We will execute an affidavit, apostillele, translation and provide notarial certification of documents.


Recognition and execution of court decisions

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Due to local representatives in 145 countries worldwide, we support the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in the required state.

We take into account international treaties and national legislation of the country of execution, as well as the time limits for applying and requirements for documents.

Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards

Integrity in details.

We support the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards rendered abroad in accordance with the national legislation of each country and the Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.
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