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By registering a trademark in each country separately, taking into account the specifics of
jurisdiction and culture, we help you with bringing the product to a new market.

By filing a patent for an invention or utility model, we protect against illegal copying and use.
With TCM local representatives in 145 countries worldwide you will receive promptly a
trademark certificate or patent for invention.


Trademark registration

Preventing registration refusals.

We register the trademark in each country separately, taking into account the business field. We check for a distinctive word, a logo, an image to distinguish from similar products and services of another manufacturer.

We take into account the specifics of each country in order to prevent registration refusal. For example, Ukraine utilizes first-to-file system: the rights holder is one who registered first. In the US, according to first-to-use system the rights holder is one who first claimed its product.

Obtaining a patent for invention

Comprehensive support with patenting.

We check whether the invention meets the patenting requirements, give recommendations and make adjustments. We conduct a patent search, so that technology does not violate the other's patents.
We compile an application for registration with the description of invention and drawings. Upon receipt, we support the patent annually.

Obtaining a patent for a utility model

We check the device for novelty and define analogs.

We develop a patent strategy, taking into account the uniqueness of the device and its individual parts. We conduct a patent search and compile an application for a utility model.

International Patenting.

We register a patent for utility model abroad; submit applications to each country separately or through the international patenting procedure.
With our representatives in 145 countries worldwide, we register the patent promptly and in the territory of the required country.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

We represent your interests.

We develop strategy for protecting trademarks, copyrights, inventions, utility models to protect your rights.

Preventing legal proceedings.

For protection, it is necessary to confirm the intellectual property rights: a patent, a licensing agreement, an author's contract.

We help to arrange security documents in order to avoid violations of rights in the future.
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