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We support comprehensively the development and construction projects − from inspecting facilities and documentation of developers to preparing documents for TsNAP and resolving land disputes. We protect against illegal actions of state authorities and help to avoid recognizing a transaction invalid or construction freezing.


Audit of land and other real property

We prevent the loss of property and conflicts with state authorities.

We check the life cycle of real estate in the registers and documentation, the seller's ownership right, the territorial boundaries of the land plot and compliance with construction and architectural standards.

Registration of title to land and other real property

Integrity in details.

We register the title to real estate taking into account details in each activity − from the preparation of documents and obtaining an extract from the Register to the execution of technical documentation and registration of rights.

Support of land technical transformation and change of its intended purpose

Simple and prompt process for changing land intended purpose.

We support comprehensively the procedure – from state examination and drawing up a statement to land management project coordination and an extract from the cadastre.

Support of licensing procedures on land and construction issues

Permission for construction without claims on part od GASK inspection.

We help to go through the stages of obtaining permits for construction, taking into account changes in legislation and new documentation.

Your business will meet all the requirements and standards.

We prepare a package of documents for submission to GASK inspection – from notification of the commencement of construction and documents confirming ownership to the results of project documentation examination and construction license from the contractor.

We consider the significance degree of construction consequences.

Support of land and construction disputes

We develop the protection strategy.

We develop step-by-step protection strategy, taking into account the specifics of each land dispute – from seizing a land plot and freezing construction to illegal actions of state authorities and invalidation of a transaction.

We find a solution.

We choose the appropriate way to resolve your dispute – from representing interests before court or government agencies to negotiations and mutual agreements.

We adhere to scrupulousness.

We check the land plot documentation, collect evidence, prepare a claim or complaint, taking into account each item and details.

Support of development projects

We reduce risks to a minimum.

We prepare a cooperation strategy taking into account the status and relationships of the parties, timing and goals of your business.

Prevent defects.

We check the documentation of a land plot, completed building or construction in progress to avoid unpleasant situations related to such nuances as "the seller with no title to property", "property related disputes" or "other parties' claims for a property part".

We avoid restrictions in construction.

We check, whether the land plot suites your purposes.
For example, construction of multi-storey buildings is prohibited on some land plots or it is allowed to build only agricultural production facilities.
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