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Through developing the contract, taking into account the details and consequences of each
term – from the time limits and subject matter to the terms of reference and procedure for
submitting work – we protect you from misunderstandings or conflict situations with the
customer, partner, and contracting party.


Author's contract

We protect the copyright object against illegal use and distribution.

We assist the logo designer, software developer or illustrator to transfer the rights to creation profit for the benefit of corporation or publishing house and receive royalties.

While developing the author's contract, we consider the period of time, territory and method of use of the copyright object, as well as amount of royalties and payment procedure.

We avoid ambiguous and vague wording.

We draw up each contract term in accordance with your goals. For example, if you do not want to transfer the rights to creation profits completely, we avoid such wording as "in full", "complete transfer", "for the term of copyright".

Software Development Contract

We are scrupulous about details.

We draw up each contract term taking into account the details – from feasible terms, time for approvals and cases of delay to the option of communications, procedure for delivery of works and terms of reference.

We protect against misunderstandings and possible conflicts.

We draw up a contract for software development with no streamlined or twofold descriptions;

assist IT company or developer to design software for a customer with no conflict situations.

Contract for website

We assist in developing a website for a customer without conflicts and endless editing.

We draw up a contract taking into account the details – from services, pricing, site design and cooperation results to risks, responsibility and tome of transfer of rights. Where result depends on other contractors, we prescribe the interaction and work outcomes in the contract.

We protect you with evidence in case of loss of data and materials.

We fix each block of works and transfer of materials with a Transfer and Acceptance Certificate. In contract, we take into account the time limits for design or layouts approval, as well as the option of delayed terms on the part of the customer.

Software Purchase Agreement

We prevent disagreements between the user and the developer.

We execute each term of contract taking into account the details – from the subject matter and software carrier to the cost and warranty.

License agreements

Using invention without violations.

We draw up a license agreement of copyright, taking into account the type of license, territory, rights and methods of using the object.

We follow the details – from intervals of royalty payment and the term of license to liability for violation of terms.

User Agreements

Create security in details.

We draw up each term in the user agreement taking into account the details – from obligations and intellectual property to personal data policy, taking into account the GDPR and legislation.

We protect against fines and possible conflicts.

We develop a user agreement without ambiguous conditions and assist the owner of a computer program, e-commerce project or site administrator to build relationships with users.

Non-Competition Agreement, Master Service Agreement, Sales and Purchase Agreement, Service Level Agreement

We protect your business against competition.

Non-Competition Agreement allows protecting your business against loss of technology, trade secrets, and customers. The former employee will be restricted from going to the competitors and launch a business in your field within 1.5 - 3 years.

We keep individuality in details.

We develop a Non-Competition Agreement taking into account the subtleties of business and legislation. We protect your company while preserving the rights of employees.

We eliminate possible conflicts between the developer and the customer.

We develop service agreement taking into account the method of reporting, accepting and paying for services.

Agile contract

Flexibility in IT project management.

Designers of large-scale systems must continuously interact with customers and parties to a project. Development process encounters the discoveries, customer requirements change, and innovations appear.

We draw up each term taking into account the details – from the obligations and editing process to risk and testing.

We help to establish feedback.

We develop a flexible Agile contract that will protect against misunderstandings between the customer and the developer.

Drawing up Partnership Agreements, Shareholders' Agreements


We develop a Partnership agreement taking into account areas of responsibility, decision-making conditions and parameters for evaluating success.

We protect against conflict situations.

In Partnership Agreements, we set forth objectives and requirements of business partners in order to eliminate possible conflicts at the beginning of cooperation.

We help building relationships between shareholders.

We draw up a Shareholders' Agreement taking into account subtleties of the legislation of the corresponding country and business specifics.

Shareholders' Agreements are suitable for IT-companies with the participation of investors and a complex system of corporate relations.

Preparation of an investment contract

Future with no conflict situations and legal proceedings.

Control and reporting to the investor, outcomes and reasons for termination – each contract term affects the development of relationships.
We draw up an Investment Contract, taking into account legislation, experience of start-ups and judicial practice for mutually beneficial cooperation between investor and CEO.

Employee Contract Preparation

Comfortable conditions for cooperation of a cyber sportsman and a cyber sports organization.

Employment contracts secure e-sports status as a professional activity, and are suitable for e-
sports players because of irregularities – from tournament to tournament and the temporary
nature of work.

We draw up a contract taking into account the details of legislation and objectives of each
party. We prevent risks and conflict situations, such as "e-sportsman entered into negotiations
with another team" or "the management did not pay remuneration for the championship".

Developing a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We keep a commercial secret.

The list of information considered confidential, the terms of validity and responsibility – we specify each contract term in detail.

We will prepare an NDA for IT companies, taking into account legislation and judicial practice abroad, in order to prevent the disclosure of confidential information.

We protect the interests of the company.

We apply sanctions that will allow terminating the disclosure and indemnifying damage.

Privacy Policy Development

Agreement with no vague wording in clear language for users.

We develop a privacy policy for websites, online stores, landing pages and companies that handle European customers' data. We take into account legislation, company scales and data volume.

We keep individuality in details.

We describe data collection process in detail – from the purpose and timing of use, the subject that collects and processes information, to profiling and exercising user rights.
In the Privacy Policy, we specify the country, to which data is transmitted and how to protect the same.

Developing a set of documents in line with GDPR requirements

We prevent a fine of € 20 million or 4% of annual turnover.

We develop data management strategy for European customers that is in line with GDPR and international standards. We ensure your website, online store or app does not violate the rights of users.

We increase the loyalty of foreign partners.

GDPR is not only about avoiding penalties. GDPR is a competitive advantage for trusting relationships with existing business partners and attracting new ones.
We adapt work processes, from the collection and storage of personal data to implementation of protection systems, in order to cooperate with partners from the EU and multinational companies.
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