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    TCM Group Ukraine is a full member of TCM Group International, an international global alliance of law firms, established in 1987. Currently, TCM Group International represents clients in 145 countries. The main competence of each of 35 offices and 110 agencies of the alliance is alternative dispute resolution and international debt collection.

    If you choose our legal services, you will receive a unique access to the resources of the whole international alliance. It does not matter in what country your debtor is. Having united efforts of lawyers from local offices of TCM Group International, we will use all available legal instruments to protect your interests and to recover your money. Remember that money knows no borders – neither do we.

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    Debt collection

    Debt collection

    In case your foreign partner refuses to pay the debt, it is worth asking for the professional debt collection services. Thanks to the cooperation between local offices, we quickly gather required information in order to use the most effective methods of influence on the debtor. After a series of our negotiations with the debtor, you will receive your money back.



    When negotiations do not bring the desired effect, and if there is an arbitration clause in the agreement, our lawyers will move the dispute to international commercial arbitration court. Independent judges from third countries will make a decision mandatory for enforcement. The line of arguments built by us will become a ground for solving the dispute in your favor



    If all methods of out-of-court dispute resolution appear to be not effective, we will gather all necessary documents, and will file a claim with a court. Our lawyers will represent your interests during all stages of the proceedings. The years of experience in litigations will allow us to secure the judgement in your favour in the vast majority of cases.



    When debtor refuses to abide court’s judgement or arbitration award, our lawyers will take special measures. Examination of assets and property for their further seizure, freezing of debtor’s income, actions for changing state bailiff, and a number of other measures help us to enforce court’s judgements or arbitration awards.



    In case if debtor, after losing the litigation or arbitration, still refuses to fulfil the obligations and declares bankruptcy, we will protect your interests by filing creditor’s demands for taking part in creditors` meetings. Eventually, the collected money will be in your possession.

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    According to the analysis, conducted by Ukrainian Law Firms 2015, four transactions, overseen by TCM Group Ukraine, were included into the list of top 25 largest deals in the area of bankruptcy and debt restructuring in Ukraine….Read more

    The Kyiv Post published results of the Ukrainian Legal Ranking made by «Legal Newspaper».
    Lawyers of TCM Group Ukraine were named among the best in three areas of expertise:
    Mr Denys Kopii in the practice of International Arbitration & Mediation
    Mr Dmytro Golopapa in the practice of International Law & External Economic Activity
    Mr Maksym Tkhorivskyi in the practice of Criminal Law and…Read more

    Ukrainian Legal Awards Ceremony 2015 organized by «YURIDICHESKAYA PRACTIKA».

    TCM Group Ukraine was among finalists in the nomination «Discovery of the Year».

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    Companies often have commercial claims towards their foreign counterparties in the course of their work. If a dispute cannot be resolved by business partners themselves, companies have to refer it to a third independent party, such as a judge or an arbitrator.

    Usually, a company-creditor submits a claim to a state court, in order to recover a debt from its counterparty. Certainly, this method o…Read more

    In order to collect a debt from a foreign counterparty, a company-creditor usually submits a claim to a court. In general, litigation in state courts tends to be both expensive and time-consuming. However, when the commercial dispute between companies is of international nature, costs of litigation increase significantly.

    In the USA, starting from the middle of the twentieth century, commercial…Read more

    What is an international commercial dispute?

    It often happens that, in the course of doing business, one company makes commercial claims to another company. The fact that such claims have been already made shows the occurrence of a commercial dispute. However, if a dispute over certain financial issues arises between companies, operating in different countries, this dispute bec…Read more

    Let us take a look at a typical example. A Ukrainian company purchases steel from China. Upon the delivery, it appears that the quality of steel is low. However, the payment for the delivered goods has been already made to the bank account of the Chinese counterparty.

    All efforts to resolve the dispute amicably have not brought any positive result: the Chinese seller simply ignores all claims a…Read more

    How relevant is the problem of money recovery from abroad back to Ukraine?

    We have to admit that the problem is very urgent. Here is a typical example. Ukrainian company purchases steel in China. The first delivery is made and it turns out that the quality of steel is quite bad. But the payment has already been made.

    The Chinese exporter ignores the claims and pretends that …Read more

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